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Tish Hashgur Tales: Royalty Rescue

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Once upon a time, nestled in the majestic mountains of the Karakoram Range in Northern Pakistan, there lived a brave and spirited princess. Her existence, however, remained a secret hidden away from the world by her father, a powerful king ruling over a vast principality. The princess was confined to a special room called the baipash, a mystical chamber found in Chitral and Gilgit Baltistan.

One fateful day, a fearsome monster wandered near the kingdom and stumbled upon the hidden room. Upon seeing the clothes of the princess, he demanded her hand in marriage, as was the barbaric norm for such creatures. The king, helpless and burdened by the disclosure of his secret, had no choice but to allow the monster to take his beloved daughter.

As the king explained the circumstances to his daughter, they encountered a wise old woman who offered them a glimmer of hope. She advised the princess to carry a spice crusher, an oil bottle, and a comb, assuring her that these seemingly ordinary objects held magical properties that could protect her from harm. Determined to defy the monster and reclaim her freedom, the princess decided to flee.

On the day of her forced wedding, disguised as a bride, the princess made her way to her father's stables where seven magnificent horses resided. Among them stood Tish Haghur, the noble and wise flying horse, a Pegasus of extraordinary courage. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Tish Haghur willingly took on the responsibility of aiding the princess in her escape.

Just as the wedding ceremony was about to commence, the princess and her faithful Pegasus embarked on a daring flight, soaring far away from the clutches of the monstrous reality that awaited them. However, the relentless monster refused to give up easily and pursued them relentlessly.

In a desperate attempt to thwart the monster, the princess threw the spice crusher, which transformed into a mighty mountain. Despite its formidable presence, the monster overcame the obstacle. Undeterred, the princess dropped the comb, which magically grew into a dense forest. Yet, the monster pushed through the barriers with unwavering determination.

For her final defence, the princess hurled the oil bottle, causing it to expand into a vast and treacherous sea. Unable to cross the expanse, the monster succumbed to defeat, and the princess finally found respite in a desolate spot.

Soon, they arrived in a bustling city where princes engaged in a thrilling game of polo. Disguised as a prince, the princess joined the game, skillfully utilizing the abilities of her loyal Pegasus to outmanoeuvre and outwit her opponents. This display of prowess continued for five consecutive days until her disguised self attracted the attention of the royal palace.

Within the court, an astute old lady unravelled the princess's true identity, intending to expose her before all. However, to everyone's surprise, the prince hosting the princess instantly fell deeply in love with her and earnestly sought her hand in marriage. With a heart full of joy, the princess accepted his proposal, and they were wed in a grand celebration.

But alas, their story did not end with everlasting happiness. As the years went by, the prince became entangled in a distant war, and the Pegasus, too, disappeared, leaving the princess with a bag filled with its magical hair to be used in times of danger. Due to various unfortunate circumstances, her in-laws cast her out of their house, leaving her alone with a precious child to care for.

Struggling to find her way, the princess embarked on a lonely journey until she stumbled upon a desolate place, where smoke spiralled from a makeshift chimney. Curiosity compelled her to venture inside, only to encounter the most horrifying sight of her life—the very monster she had once escaped! Panic-stricken and devoid of a plan, she resorted to throwing the Pegasus's hair into the fire.

To her astonishment, the skies parted, and the mighty Pegasus descended from above. This time, instead of fleeing, the horse unleashed its bravery and strength, engaging in a fierce battle with the monster, ultimately triumphing and tearing it into pieces. The danger had passed, and the princess and the Pegasus settled in the monster's shack, finding solace and safety within its walls.

Meanwhile, the prince, burdened by the absence of his beloved wife, roamed aimlessly until destiny led him to the very shack where the chimney smoked. Keeping his identity concealed, he approached and requested a glass of water. Unbeknownst to her, he returned the glass with his marital ring hidden inside—a precious symbol of their love. When the princess discovered the ring, their joy knew no bounds, for everything had fallen into place as it should. And so, they truly lived happily ever after, their hearts forever entwined with one another in love, patience and courage.

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