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Our Stories

Bringing you folklore straight from the mountains, plains, deserts and beaches of Pakistan. Transcribed, illustrated and curated with love. Happy reading! 

-Team Folkloristan


Panja Khan rescues a Princess

A ghost hunting adventure, which took a man from rags to riches overnight!

Saif ul Malook.png

The Legend of Lake Saif al-Malook

The romantic epic between an Egyptian Prince and a Pakistani fairy which gave a lake it's name

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Sohni Mahiwal

From Bukhara to Gujrat - a tale of love and betrayal across the River Chanaab

Sher Alam Mominai.jpg

Sher Alam Maimoonai

A romantic tale with a tragic twist of guilt and sorrow.


A Legend of Love in Lahore

A tale of forbidden love: Princess Zeb-un-Nissa and Governor Akil Khan

Prince Behram and GulBano.png

Prince Behram & his Fae Bride

An unexpected, rather peculiar friendship, and a fleeting romance in lands beyond our world.


Mirza Sahiban

Your love or your blood? A tale of love and loss from Punjab.

AdamKhan Durkhanai.png

Adam Khan Durkhanai

One of the most iconic romances of Pashto folklore.


Heer Ranjha

An ill-fated romance which continues to live on in our hearts.

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Behram Khan and Gul Andama

A tale of love, war and intertwined fates of a Roman Prince, a Chinese Princess, & a Pakistani Jinn 

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Sassi Punhun

An ill-fated yet eternal love between a Sindhi Princess and a Baloch Prince

Momal Rano.jpg

Momal Rano

A romance from the Shah Jo Risalo which transcends into eternity.

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