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Our Stories

Bringing you folklore straight from the mountains, plains, deserts and beaches of Pakistan. Transcribed, illustrated and curated with love. Happy reading! 

-Team Folkloristan


Durdana Chelmard

A Baloch girl who went from commoner to queen, to ghosthunter-in-disguise.



Remembering Shehzada Saleem and his beloved

Mongol Baz Khan.png

Mongol Baz Khan

One of several legends of the monster hunter of Chitral


Hani Shah Mureed

One of Pakistan's most iconic romances from Balochistan.

Shirin Farhad.png

Shireen Farhad

With its origins in Persian oral tradition, it is one of the many romances from Brahui and Balochi folklore.


Shahdad Mehnaz

Keeping up our streak of love legends, another iconic love story from Balochi lore.

The Princess and the Pegasus.png

Tish Hashgur & Royalty Rescue

A happily-ever-after from Khowar folklore featuring a pegasus!


Shaherzaad Shaheryar

Romance adapted from Arab lore about a brave princess who saves lives with stories!

Yusuf Khan Sherbano.png

Yousaf Khan Sherbano

A Pashto romance about a courageous warrior and his beloved wife.

Angaya Bangaya.png

Angaya Bangaya

A tiny forest adventure with an evil jackal, a brave goat-mom, and two baby goats.


The Yatsh's Gift

A short but fun tale with a moral - always be careful with presents!


Shalir Balir

A variation of "Angaya Bangaya" - this one is from Sha Pashto.

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