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Our Stories

Bringing you folklore straight from the mountains, plains, deserts and beaches of Pakistan. Transcribed, illustrated and curated with love. Happy reading! 

-Team Folkloristan


The Huntsman and the Fairy

A story about a Gilgiti huntsman, and his beloved from amongst the faerfolk.

The Two Storks.jpg

The Two Storks

A fable about the consequences of theft from Sindhi folklore


The King and his 7 Daughters

Putting love and materialism into perspective, with seven princesses!


The Legend of Bublimotin

The legend behind a peak in Hunza

Barbitai and the Little Girl.png

Barbitai and a Little Girl

Four brothers rescue their little sister from an old hag.

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Let's not Flee

A short fable from Balochi lore

VEC SAV 336-04.jpg

The Lone Aalim

A legend of a miracle, or perhaps, of friendly Jinns

Cat and Sparrow.jpg

The Crow and the Sparrow

A short fable from Pashto and Urdu folklore.


Tale behind a Balochi Proverb

Some more animal lore, a story of two brothers, and two baby goats!


King of the Day

Folklore surrounding the plant "Din ka Raja" - twin to the "Raat ki Rani"

Diamond Cut Diamond.png

Diamond Cut Diamond

Jewels, glamour, adventure, trickery, honesty and greed: a fascinating tale


Queen of the Night

Lore and legend which shroud the "Raat ki Rani" - the night-blooming jasmine.

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