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Our Stories

Bringing you folklore straight from the mountains, plains, deserts and beaches of Pakistan. Transcribed, illustrated and curated with love. Happy reading! 

-Team Folkloristan


The Adventures of Sindbad

An enthralling tale, of adventure, fantasy and more...

Wali Dad.png

Wali Dad the Grasscutter

A fateful journey, from rags to riches by chance, and riches to rags by choice.

Raja Risalu.png

The Legend of Raja Rasalu

An hunting chronicle of medieval Punjabi giant-slayer King.

Koh e Chiltan.jpg

The Legend of Koh-e-Chiltan

The legend of a haunted mountain in Balochistan.

Hatim Tai.png

The Legend of Hatim Tai

Adapted from Arab and Persian lore, one of many fun adventures of Prince Hatim.

Kuttay Ji Qabar.png

Legend of the Dog's Grave

A tale of true loyalty, and the spirit of our friend's with paws.

Karsaz ki Dulhan.png

Karsaz's Ghost-Bride

A famous urban legend from Pakistan's largest metropolitan: Karachi.


Mullah Nasruddin Feeds His Coat

A satirical, humorous fable adsorbed from Turkish folklore by Urdu.


Mir Hammal-e-Jiand of Kalmaat

A tribal chieftain from Baloch history who bravely fought Portuguese invasions.

Bracelet Maker of Jhang.jpg

The Bracelet Maker of Jhang

A miracle of prayer, made at the mausoleum of Heer Ranjha.

Ali Baba aur 40 Chor.jpg

Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves

A well-known tale where the witty heroine who saves the day!

Atar and Anahita.png

Atar Anahita

Dance of the Divine - a story of cosmology and world creation from Parsi beliefs.

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