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Our Stories

Bringing you folklore straight from the mountains, plains, deserts and beaches of Pakistan. Transcribed, illustrated and curated with love. Happy reading! 

-Team Folkloristan



The legend behind Panjgur's name, a district in Balochistan,


Musa Khan Gul Makai

One of the most iconic Happily-Ever-Afters from Pashto folklore.


Tree Lore: Olives and Figs

Pashto oral tradition from the Swat Valley and Nowshera.

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The Ice-Hearted Rani Gwashbrari

A Punjabi legend of mountains, love a glacier-hearted Queen.

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Mast and Sammo

The tale of the Baloch Sufi Saint, Mast Tawakili, and the woman he loved.

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