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Who are we, and what do we do?

We intend to take you on an enthralling series of magical adventures and epic romances with legendary royals, folk heroes, and ghost hunters, as we accompany jinns and fairies across the veil into the otherworld. 

We have a question for you. What comes to your mind when you think of "ruins"?  Remains, of a place once alive, once glorious. A standing memoir, of a glorious past. And the need to preserve, and protect.  With oral literature in a wreck, at Folkloristan we intend to reconstruct palaces on the foundations of what we have left.


Our collection of Pakistani folklore has been curated with utmost care, transcribed and translated with great detail to attention, and illustrated with love before it reaches your screen.


Besides lore, our blog curates a little bit on art, history, languages, culture and everything in between!

We are on a mission to collect, curate and create for a cause.


We breathe digital life into Pakistan’s cultural heritage, one post at a time.

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