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Noori Jam Tamachi

Once upon a time, there was a small village near Keenjhar Lake. Due to their prolonged exposure to the sun while fishing from the lake, the majority of the locals had dark skin tones. One girl, Noori, stood out among the others because she was not only fair but also had skin that shone like the moon. She was given the name "Noori," which is Persian for "shining light." Noori cherished spending her days by the lovely lake.

It was common to go hunting in the woods near the lake and the settlement. King Jam Tamachi and a hunting party were formerly present in these woods. Exhausted, he made the decision to halt at the settlement. The peasants started getting ready for the King to arrive. Noori waited by the lake for the celebration because she wanted to see the King. She had never met royalty before and was only familiar with the elaborate gowns and decorations they wore. As the King approached the Lake. He and Noori fell in love with one another the moment they laid eyes on one another.

The King requested her hand in marriage from her parents. The suggestion left the locals in a state of shock and ecstasy. King Jam Tamachi was enamoured by Noori's modesty, simplicity, and kind demeanour. The pair was scheduled to return to the royal palace after spending a few days in the village. The idea of leaving behind her town and her people made Noori incredibly sad. She might come as frequently as she liked, the King assured her.

Six brides already belonged to King Jam Tamachi's clan, all of whom were his wives. Despite being from a noble and royal family, Noori, the country girl, ended up winning the King's favour. They were not happy about this. They were motivated by jealously as they planned to assassinate the King in order to harm Noori. The King paid little heed, conscious of their displeasure with a girl they believed to be beneath them and undeserving of serving in the royal household. The spouses then accused Noori of stealing, nevertheless. She was accused of robbing the palace of treasures and giving her brother the items so he could take them back to the village.

Jam Tamachi began to wonder about these rumours, especially after his close friends confirmed that Noori's brother had been seen leaving the castle with a wooden box. The King made the decision that he wanted to see this for himself.

When her brother visited the following time, Noori gave him a wooden box, but the royal soldiers suddenly emerged and took it away. Noori watched them, dumbfounded, as they extended the box to the King. Jam Tamachi, anticipating to discover jewels, raised the lid with a sorrowful heart. He was shocked to discover fishbones and breadcrumbs, though!

He requested Noori to clarify after being taken aback by his finding. She explained to him that everytime her brother visited her, her mother would make her a dinner and send it because she didn't want to forget the basic diet and food that felt like home. In order to avoid coming across as ungrateful for the luxury of the palace, she also told the King that she had kept this a secret.

Jam Tamachi was so moved that he never doubted Noori again or paid attention to what his previous wives had to say about her.

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