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Pashto: The Fourth Language in Space

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Pashto in Space Aesthetic

Did you know that Pashto was the fourth language to be spoken in space?

Soviet-Afghan Space Poster

Abdul Ahad Mohmand, an Afghan-German, a former aviator in the Afghan Air Force was the first Pashtun to journey to into outer space.

He was one of the crew members of the Soyuz TM-6. He spent nine days at the Mir Space Station in 1988 as an Intercosmos Research Cosmonaut.

He made a phone call back home, making Pashto officially the fourth language to be spoken in space. Today, it is the first language for about 40 million people globally, out of which 27 million are Pakistanis.

He was the fourth Muslim to visit space after Sultan bin Salman Al Saud, Muhammed Faris, and Musa Manarov.

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