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Ra'ih: The Mythical Island of the Mighty Indus

Legends speak of an enchanted river island, likely known as the Indus, known as Ra’ih, somewhere between modern-day Pakistan and China.  The King of the Island, Mahraja-e-Harwazd-o-Suman has a treasury, and a Kingdom like no other. The island is home to several curiosities which leave an aura of mystique in their wake: a thread


Two kinds of cats roam the Island of Ra’eh: cats with sleek bodies and bat wings; and larger, wild cats, with translucent white-furred coats, which reveal veins, in which flows a black fluid, releasing an alluring fragrance.


In the vibrant meadows, white goats graze, their coats adorned with red spots and their tails resembling those of deer. Their meat is described as sour.


The hilltop of Nisban is home to large, colossal snakes and pythons, capable of devouring buffaloes and elephants.


With black fur and distinctive white chests, these huge monkeys nearly rival the size of cows or buffaloes.

Parrots and sparrows:

With vibrant feathers, coloured green, white, and red, the multi-lingual parrots of Ra’eh talk back in any language they are addressed in.

Yellow and black beaked sparrow; with a red tarsus; and wings in shades of green and white is a gifted wrote-learner, for it memorizes and repeats the language of the parrots.

Humanoid inhabitants:

There are beings which appear to look like human, but act and live like animals in the forests.

Another community lives like humans, and whilst they look human, they have extremely hairy bodies, almost as long as fur.  

Dwarves and Half-Human Half-Birds:

In tiny red trees, reside the dwarves: their appearance is human, only that they are a little hairy, and four palms tall.

Inhabitants with bird wings instead of arms soar through the island skies, their language indiscernible, and their feathers in hues of black, white, and green.


The legendary Kafoor tree provides shade for a hundred men, and crafting a hole in its branch yields sticky water, that solidifies into fruit if left to dry.

The Waq Waq tree stands tall with flowers boasting human faces, gold stems, and large green leaves resembling petals, and its sound is believed to be a good omen.

Enchanted Roses:

Unseen hues of red bloom on the island, but these roses self-immolate upon collection, turning into ashes within one's chaddar, adding an element of fleeting magic to Ra’eh’s floral beauty.

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