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The Legend of Saint Sarmad Kashani Martyrdom

Sufi Sarmad Shaheed

Once upon a time, in the days of a mighty emperor named Aurangzib, there lived a wandering saint named Sarmad. He was known far and wide for his wisdom and his devotion to Allah.

One day, Sarmad met a learned cleric, a Mulla, who asked him if he knew the Confession of Faith of the Muslims. Sarmad confessed that he did not. The Mulla tried to teach him, but Sarmad could only say the first part: "There is no God but Allah." He couldn't bring himself to say the rest: "And Muhammad is His Messenger."

Word of this reached Emperor Aurangzeb, who was not pleased. He summoned Sarmad and demanded that he recite the Kalma in its entirety. But Sarmad, true to his beliefs, refused. Aurangzeb, angered by his defiance, ordered his execution.

As Sarmad faced the sword, he remained steadfast. "In whatever form You come, I know You are the One," he proclaimed. But still, he wouldn't say the words demanded by the Emperor.

When the executioner's blade fell, Sarmad's head rolled from his body, and to everyone's astonishment, it spoke: "La Ilaha Ill'Allah'o Muhammad'ur'Rasul'Allah" - "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger." In that moment, Aurangzeb realized his own mistake, for he had omitted the crucial word "further" in the Confession.

Sarmad's headless body held it's severed head in his hands, he vowed to dash his head to pieces against the walls of the palace of the unjust Emperor. But his Pir, his spiritual guide, intervened, cautioning him against vengeance and rash actions.

And so, Sarmad's head fell from his grasp, and he breathed his last near the Great Mosque of Delhi. Though Sarmad was gone, his spirit lived on, and he was buried near the Great Mosque of Delhi, where his tomb stands to this day.

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