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The Yatsh's Gift

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

At Doyur, on the road from Gilgit to Nagyr, a man, Phuko, and his son, Laskirr, went out to fetch water for their household needs.

On the way, a Yatsh caught them. The Yatsh tore up some reeds from the ground and led Laskirr through the crack.

Below, there was an assembly of goblins, who were busy with wedding celebrations, dancing as they sung.

Laskirr saw a lot of valuables belonging to many of the villagers.

The Yatsh gave Laskirr a sack of coal before he led Laskirr out of the crack in the ground. As soon as the Yatsh left, he emptied the coal by the side of the beaten path, not being able to bear it’s weight. However, he brought the empty sack home anyway to prove his story.

He narrated the whole incident to his father.

Phuko opened the sack to find a little bit of coal still left. As soon as he touched it, it turned into a gold coin! Phuko and Laskirr could only wish that Laskirr had brought the whole sack home.

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