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Angels of the Seven Heavens

Zakariya al-Qazwini's "Ajaib-al-Makhlooqat Wa Gharaib-al-Maujoodat" (The Wonders of Creation) delves into the mystic cosmos with enchanting descriptions of angels in each of the seven heavens. A thread:

First Heaven: Ismaeel, the Deer-Headed Seraphs

In the first heaven, the Ismaeel, are ethereal guardians with a human form crowned by majestic deer antlers. A symbol of divine beauty, Ismaeel graces the celestial realm with grace and tranquility.

Second Heaven: Mikhaeel, the Hawk-Headed Celestials

Ascend to the second heaven, where the Malaika-e-Mikhaeel, soar with human frames and the fierce visages of a hawk, leaving behind a cascade of stardust as they traverse the astral realms.

Third Heaven: Saa'idbaeel, the Eagle-Headed Voyagers

In the third celestial abode, the Saa'idbaeel, grace the heavens with a human form and the fierce head of an eagle. Soaring through cosmic currents, his eagle eyes pierce the mysteries of the universe, with the wisdom of the skies on their wings.

Fourth Heaven: Salsalaeel, the Horse-Headed Harmony

Enter the fourth heaven, where Salsalaeel, grace the celestial realm with a human body and the majestic head of a horse. A symphony of cosmic rhythms emanates from their presence, as the ethereal echoes of hoofbeats resound in harmony with the celestial dance.

Fifth Heaven: Kalkaeel, the Virgins of Radiance

In the fifth celestial abode, meet Kalkaeel, where heavenly beauty takes the form of Hoor ul Ain, the radiant virgins. Their allure casts an enchanting glow that illuminates the heavens. Kalkaeel, the embodiment of celestial purity, graces the celestial realm with unmatched splendor.

Sixth Heaven: Samkhaeel, the Forever Youthful

Ascend to the sixth heaven, where Samkhaeel, embodies celestial mystique in the form of handsome young boys. Their presence exudes an otherworldly charm, captivating all who encounter their ethereal grace, casting a spell of celestial fascination across the astral realms.

Seventh Heaven: Rouyaaiel, the Descendants of Adam

In the seventh celestial expanse, discover Rouyaaiel, where angels take the form of the descendants of Adam. Their human bodies carry the essence of earthly connection, bridging the celestial and mortal realms. Rouyaaiel, the link between heaven and earth, symbolizes the divine unity woven into the fabric of existence.

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