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Diamond Cut Diamond

Once upon a time, in a small village in British India, there lived a merchant who dreamt of a prosperous future. After twelve long years, his luck turned, and he accumulated wealth that could secure his old age. Excited to return to his homeland, he carefully concealed his precious jewels in a hidden box to protect them from cunning thieves on the roads.

Dressed in humble attire, the merchant set off on his journey. As he approached a vibrant city, he couldn't resist the temptation to enhance his appearance. He bought exquisite garments, transforming himself into a wealthy-looking traveller. In the heart of the city, he stumbled upon a remarkable shop, adorned with beautiful silks, carpets, and treasures from distant lands.

Seated within the shop, the owner, Beeka Mull, caught the merchant's attention. They exchanged greetings, and the merchant began selecting various items to purchase. Beeka Mull, astute and observant, sensed the merchant's hidden wealth beneath his facade of modesty. Despite their interactions and multiple transactions, the merchant still sought to safeguard his treasures.

One day, during their friendly conversation, Beeka Mull mentioned the treacherous road leading to the merchant's village, infested with cunning thieves. Fear crept into the merchant's heart, and he desperately asked Beeka Mull to keep a small box of jewels safe until his return, promising to retrieve it with a group of men from his village.

Reluctantly, Beeka Mull agreed to the merchant's request, concealing the box of precious gems alongside his own valuable possessions. They exchanged promises and compliments, bidding each other farewell. Little did the merchant know that Beeka Mull was known for his deceitful nature and his own love for treasures.

Back at the bustling marketplace, the exchange between Beeka Mull and the merchant attracted the attention of curious shopkeepers. The merchant's companions, growing impatient, assumed he had made his way home alone and left without him.

Days turned into weeks, and the merchant returned to the city accompanied by a group of robust men, ready to reclaim his hidden box of jewels. As he approached Beeka Mull's shop, he greeted the owner with warmth, expecting a cordial welcome. However, Beeka Mull feigned ignorance, refusing to acknowledge the merchant's presence.

Perplexed and hurt, the merchant insisted on engaging Beeka Mull in conversation, hoping to jog his memory. To his dismay, Beeka Mull's response was filled with anger and denial, accusing the merchant of being a mere beggar seeking charity. The merchant, disheartened, found himself thrown out onto the street, his dreams shattered.

Bruised and defeated, the merchant slumped against a friendly wall, his spirit crushed. Darkness enveloped him, and he remained motionless, drowning in despair. The following morning, a young man named Kooshy Ram noticed the merchant's desolate figure against the wall. Concerned, he approached the merchant, offering his help.

With kindness, Kooshy Ram invited the merchant to his home, where he provided comfort, food, and a listening ear. The merchant poured out his tale of misfortune, and Kooshy Ram, despite his own reckless past, vowed to assist him.

Days turned into weeks, and Kooshy Ram summoned acquaintances to discuss a plan. While the merchant remained unaware of the details, he felt a glimmer of hope reigniting within him.

At Kooshy Ram's instruction, the merchant stood near the wall where he had been found that fateful night. He watched as a magnificent palanquin, carried by finely dressed bearers, approached the marketplace. The palanquin halted near Beeka Mull's shop, capturing the owner's attention.

A gentleman accompanied the palanquin, engaging Beeka Mull in conversation. The merchant recognized this gentleman as one of Kooshy Ram's acquaintances. With a sense of anticipation, the merchant noticed a servant carrying a box covered with a cloth.

As the conversation unfolded, the merchant received a signal from Kooshy Ram. Summoning his courage, he approached Beeka Mull and politely requested the return of his entrusted box of jewels. Beeka Mull, caught off guard, quickly realized that causing a scene would tarnish his reputation.

To the merchant's astonishment, Beeka Mull agreed, retrieving the box and placing it into the merchant's hands. With trembling hands, the merchant unlocked the box, finding his precious treasures intact. Overwhelmed with joy, he danced in the road, unable to contain his laughter.

It was then that Kooshy Ram revealed himself, joining the merchant in his jubilant celebration. Beeka Mull, in a state of disbelief, couldn't help but join the festivities, laughing and dancing with newfound mirth.

Amidst the celebration, the gentleman attending the palanquin explained to Beeka Mull the truth behind the merchant's misfortune and his clever plan to reclaim the stolen treasures. Beeka Mull, in awe of the merchant's resilience and Kooshy Ram's ingenious scheme, admitted defeat and laughed at his own deception.

And so, the once-ruined merchant regained his fortune, thanks to the friendship and wit of Kooshy Ram. The city buzzed with their tale of triumph over treachery, reminding everyone that trust, loyalty, and a dash of cleverness can conquer even the most deceitful of villains.

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