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Green Galore

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

The gemstone's journey to Dresden

Did you know that the Koh-i-Noor is not the only diamond to have been stolen from the Indian Subcontinent? Another world-famous diamond, the Dresden Green, also found its way to Europe during the days of the British Raj.

It most likely originated in a rough crystal of 100 carats or more. Famed for its unusual colour and shape, this almond-shaped stone is the largest apple-green diamond known. Its colour is attributed to the close contact with a radioactive source at some point in its lifetime.

Besides its origin, nothing was known of it until Frederick Augustus II of Saxony purchased it at the Leipzig Fair in 1743 for about $150,000.

The Dresden Green gets its name from the capital of Saxony, where it remained on display for over two centuries.

Set in an elaborate shoulder knot, the stone was exhibited with the other Crown Jewels of Saxony in the famous Green Vaults under the Dresden Palace.

After World War II, it was amongst the gems confiscated by the Russians, but they were returned to Dresden in 1958.

The gemstone remains on display in the Palace Museum to date.


This blog has been written by Komal Salman.

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