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Istorak: The One who Pants

Deep within the enchanting valley of Chitral, nestled amidst towering mountains, there lies a village named Mroi. In this village, a whispered rule floats among the locals, cautioning them against venturing near the river after the sun bids farewell for the day. Why, you may ask? Well, there's a fearsome creature that lurks along the riverside—the dreadful Istorak, the Ghoul of the riverbank!

Mroi, like other Chitrali villages, is divided into two main areas: the Tek and the Shohtar. The Tek is perched high above, almost like a cliff, while the Shohtar is the path that leads down to the river.

Legend has it that as soon as the sun dips behind the colossal mountains, a creature awakens in the depths of the Shohtar. This creature is rarely seen, for it prefers to torment the villagers with its eerie voice, especially the sound of its pants.

Imagine, if you will, a local villager walking near the Shohtar after darkness blankets the land. Gradually, the air becomes filled with the slow, haunting sound of a woman's pants. Bewildered, the villager continues on his way, hoping to reach his destination swiftly. But with each step, the panting grows louder and louder, until it becomes the only thing he can hear—an awful symphony of pants and wails echoing through the night.

The creature seems to be everywhere and nowhere, its pants seeming to linger right beside the listener's ear. It could be mere inches away, yet invisible to the eye. The pants and wails come from all directions, disorienting the listener, who doesn't know which way to flee. The ghastly noise follows the poor villager, as if it's stuck to their ears, determined to snatch away their sanity.

This bone-chilling encounter continues until the villager, teetering on the edge of fear-induced madness, musters every ounce of courage to run for their life and seek refuge in the safety of their home. As with any encounter with supernatural entities, the aftermath is often a strong fever that lingers for a few days.

Now, it is important to remember that this tale is passed down through generations as an oral story. Not everyone may know it, just like there may be other versions and backstories about the Istorak that exist. Curiously enough, thousands of miles away in Venezuela, there's a famous tale of La Llorona—a similar entity known as the wailer, haunting the riverside in memory of her drowned children. Could there be a similar backstory for the Istorak? Perhaps! To truly unravel the mysteries, one must embark on a visit to the village of Mroi.

But for now, let's keep this chilling tale as a reminder to stay away from the riverside after dark and to cherish the safety of our homes. Sweet dreams adventurers, and may your nights be free from the haunting pants of the Istorak!


Source: Huzaifa Nizam

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