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Legend of the Ladyfinger Peak

Among the snow-capped heights of Hunza stands a peak commonly known as the Ladyfinger Peak and locally known as Bublimotin. Like most apparently odd natural formations, this mountain to has a legend behind it.

Legend has it that once upon a time, there was a Baltistani prince who was extremely fond of adventure. True to his wanderlust spirit, one day, he set off for Hunza.

We don't know if he found the adventure he was looking for, but he did find love - Princess Bubli of Hunza.

The marriage is arranged, and both royal households are overjoyed at the love match. However, fate decides otherwise, and unfortunate news finds its way to the Prince. His first wife has been kidnapped.

Variations of the tale differ here - some tales mention a wicked spirit, whilst others mention a mortal king with the reputation of a bride.

The prince makes haste and goes off to rescue his wife. Anyhow, before he leaves, he takes Bubli atop a peak and gives her a chicken and a sack of grain.

Afraid to lose her newfound love, Bubli asks him when he will return.

"Feed this chicken a single grain from this sack every year. When the sack empties, I shall return to you, my love. I promise." he tells her.

As he left, she did as she was told. Days passed by, turning into months, which turned into years. The bare sack lies atop of the peak even today, and the Hunzai princess waits for her prince in spirit.


Courtesy: Miss Alaya Idrees

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