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Makli Necropolis

A magnificent funerary site

The Malki Necropolis in Pakistan's Sindh province is one of the most magnificent and largest funerary sites globally. Spanning over an area of approximately 10 kilometres, it houses over half a million tombs built over four centuries!

The closest city to the Necropolis is Thatta, the capital of three successive dynasties and later ruled by the Mughals. Thus, the city was constantly embellished from the 14th to the 18th century, of which the historical monuments at the Necropolis testify in an outstanding manner.

Several legends surround the majestic graveyard.

One legend has it that a Haji narrated an experience of his to Sheikh Hammad Jamali, after which the Saint experienced spiritual transcendence on the site. In awe of the incident, the pilgrim exclaimed, “Haddah Makka li!” (this is Makkah for me!). Thus the name, Makli.

Another one speaks of a sage, a woman named “Mai Makli”, who prayed there. God accepted her prayers, and Sultan Firuz Shah Tughlaq was thus kept from conquering the city of Thatta, the then-Samma capital.

Locals believe that she is buried at the Necropolis in an unmarked grave, but one very close to the walls of the tomb of Sultan Jam Nizamuddin II, also known as Jam Tamachi in lore the ruler of Sindh from 1461-1508.

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