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Queen of the Night

Once upon a time, there lived a girl, known for her beauty and kindness. She was in love with a young man from a neighbouring village. One day, the young man was passing through the girl's village when he saw her working in her garden. The girl was planting a small sapling and nurturing it with great care. The young man was amazed by the girl's beauty and her love for the plant. He approached her and asked her what the plant was.

The girl replied that it was the Queen of the Night (Raat ki Rani) and that it was her favourite flower.

She explained that the plant only bloomed at night and that its fragrance was the most beautiful thing she had ever smelled. The young man was struck by the girl's love for the plant and decided to gift her a Raat ki Rani plant of her own. He promised to bring her a plant from his village the next time he visited.

The young man kept his promise and brought the girl a Raat ki Rani plant. The girl was overjoyed and thanked him for the gift. She planted the sapling in her garden and tended to it with great care. Over time, the Raat ki Rani plant grew into a beautiful and fragrant tree. The girl was delighted with the plant and spent many nights sitting beside it, enjoying its fragrance.

One night, the girl fell asleep beside the Raat ki Rani plant. She dreamt that she was a princess and that the plant was her loyal servant. In her dream, the plant told her that it had the power to grant wishes and that she could ask for anything she desired. When the girl woke up, she was amazed by her dream. She decided to make a wish and asked the Raat ki Rani plant to grant her true love. The plant granted her wish, and soon after, the young man who had gifted her the plant returned to the village. The two fell in love and were married.

From that day on, the Raat ki Rani plant became a symbol of love and beauty in local lore. It is said that if a young man gifts a Raat ki Rani plant to the girl he loves, their love will be eternal.

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