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Rustum and Sohrab

The story of Rustam and Sohrab is one of the most famous and tragic tales in Persian literature. Like many other tales in the Shahnameh, it was also adopted by Urdu literature. It tells the story of two great warriors, father and son, who were unknowingly pitted against each other in a battle that would result in the death of the son.

Rustum, the legendary Persian warrior, was the son of Zal and Rudaba. When he was born, his hair and body were covered in dark hair, and his father was so ashamed that he left him to grow up in the wilderness. Rustum was eventually discovered and raised by a shepherd, and he grew up to be a great warrior.

Sohrab, on the other hand, was the son of Rustum and Tahmina, a princess of Samangan. Tahmina gave birth to Sohrab after Rustum had left her, and she raised him in secret. Sohrab grew up to be a skilled warrior, and he became the leader of the Turanian army.

When Rustum and Sohrab finally met in battle, they did not know that they were father and son. The Turanian army had invaded Persia, and Rustum was called upon to defend his homeland. Sohrab was sent to challenge Rustum to single combat, and the two warriors agreed to meet at dawn the next day.

The night before the battle, Sohrab confided in his friend, a wise old man named Piran, that he was afraid he would never meet his father. Piran realized that Rustum was Sohrab's father and told Sohrab the truth. Sohrab was overjoyed at the news and was determined to meet his father the next day.

When the two warriors met on the battlefield, they fought fiercely. Sohrab knew that Rustum was his father, but he did not reveal his identity. Rustum eventually overpowered Sohrab and killed him with his spear. As Sohrab lay dying, he finally revealed to Rustum that he was his son.

Rustum was devastated when he realized what he had done. He cried out in grief and remorse, and he mourned Sohrab's death for the rest of his life. Tahmina, Sohrab's mother, was also grief-stricken, and she died of a broken heart soon after hearing the news of her son's death.

The story of Rustum and Sohrab is a tragic tale of family, love, and war. It explores the themes of identity, destiny, and the consequences of our actions. Rustum and Sohrab were two great warriors who were unknowingly pitted against each other, and their tragic fate reminds us of the importance of knowing and understanding our past and our heritage. It is a cautionary tale about the dangers of war and the importance of family and love in our lives.

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