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Sensibility and Sensitivity

Although we have a section dedicated to folklore, we came across a rather interesting fable from a village tucked away in Pakistan's breathtaking northern mountains.

As legend has it, once upon a time, in a village, near Chitral lived a strange man. His face was half black and half white.

He was also known for having the gift, or curse, of second sight, however you choose to put it. Not only could he see beyond the veil, but could move fairly back and forth between our world and the otherworld.

He was known for his friendships with the fairies. He spent several hours of his day conversing with them, playing with them, and learning from them.

They even used to share food, just like family. One day, he made a mistake. He took his pet dog along. Now fairies are afraid of dogs.

When the fairies saw the dog, they cried and screamed and ran away. However, one brave fairy came up to him. To reproach him, she slapped him.

Her hand didn’t touch his face, but the shadow of her hand did.

And from that day on, his face remained half black, and half white, forever.

Folks, always respect one another's sensitivities, particularly those of the faerfolk!

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