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Tale behind a Balochi Proverb

Once upon a time there were two brothers. Both of them were shepherds. One day, each of their goats gave birth to kids whilst one of them was asleep and the other one was awake.

The brother who was asleep, had a female baby goat added to his flock, whilst the one who was awake found that his goat had given birth to a male baby goat. The brother who was still awake thought to himself how it would be more useful to have a female goat instead of a male goat.

A male goat would eventually be slaughtered but a female goat would give milk and also give more children, thus increasing his flock in numbers. He quietly got up and switched the kids. He put the female kid next to his own goat and the male kid next to his brother’s goat.

When his brother woke up, he saw that two new goats had been born, a male and a female. So he asked his brother which one was his? His brother told him “waptagein mard-e-maish nar kar ayat” which literally translates to “when men are asleep, seldom does anything go well for them.”

It means that when you are asleep and when you close your eyes to what is happening around you, you are bound to suffer losses. Staying awake and alert is important if you do not wish to have problems in your life.

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