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How were stars born?

In a time long ago, when animals could talk and miracles were commonplace, there lived a proud Horse and a humble Bull. The Horse was known far and wide for its swiftness, while the Bull was strong and unyielding.

One day, the boastful Horse challenged the humble Bull to a race from one end of the Heavens to the other. The Bull, though humble, possessed unwavering determination and accepted the challenge.

On the day of the race, the Horse sped off like lightning, leaving the Bull far behind. Confident of victory, the Horse raced ahead without realizing the vastness of the Heavens. It soon grew tired, taking naps and stopping for drinks along the way. As time passed, the Horse realized the end was near but was shocked to find the Bull had already arrived.

The Bull's humility, resolute will, and persistence had won the race. Impressed by the Bull's character, the Creator adorned the path they raced on with shimmering stars to honour its victory.

This celestial path reminds us that humility, strong will, and perseverance triumph over natural talent and overconfidence in the long run. The lesson embedded in these celestial objects teaches us to appreciate the qualities that truly matter.


Source: North Times, originally written by Baqir Aziz

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