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The Ghost Bride of Karsaz

In the city of Karachi, there is a spooky road known as Karsaz, shrouded in eerie tales and ghostly mysteries. The road, with its dark and lonely stretch, has become the stuff of legend, whispered among locals and daring adventurers.

Legend has it that long ago when Karachi was much smaller and bustling with investors, a marriage lawn stood on the outskirts of the city. Weddings there lasted late into the night, and on one fateful occasion, a newlywed couple was making their way back home after a night of celebration.

Now, this couple's journey took a dark turn, for their driver was beyond exhausted from the long hours he'd spent on the road. Sleep deprivation had taken hold, and in his drowsy state, he sped the car down the main Karsaz road. Sadly, the car crashed into a pole, turning the joyous night into a tragic disaster. The driver breathed his last, leaving the couple trapped in the wreck.

Imagine the scene: the car engulfed in flames, blood and gore scattered around, and heart-wrenching cries filling the air. But just when all seemed lost, the bride, dressed in a stunning red gown, managed to crawl out of the wreckage, her gown hiding the bloodstains. Her husband, however, could not be saved, and she watched helplessly as he slipped away.

In her desperation, she ran to the main road, screaming for help, but there were few passersby at that late hour. Her cries echoed in the darkness, but no one could save her beloved. As tears streamed down her face, she, too, succumbed to the embrace of death, joining her groom in eternity.

Another variation of the legend whispers of a young bride, full of hope and dreams on her wedding day. But fate dealt her a cruel hand as her husband betrayed her, leaving her heartbroken and abandoned. Consumed by a raging storm of emotions, she met a gruesome end, her sorrow echoing through the night.

From that tragic moment, as she killed herself, vowing never to rest, never to find peace, her ghostly apparition lives on. She now wanders along Karsaz Road, locally known as "Karsaz ki Churail", the forsaken bride with a heart as cold as ice.

And so, the legend of the haunted Churail, the bride with a heart full of sorrow and rage, began to weave its way through the alleys of Karsaz. Locals whispered about the abandoned bride, doomed to roam the dark streets forever, seeking solace for her broken heart.

The road itself was once desolate, adding to the haunting reputation. But as time passed, Karsaz grew vibrant, with bustling restaurants and homes springing up around it. Still, the tales of the Churail persisted, even though some brave souls attempted to bust the ghostly myth.

Many claimed to have seen her, and felt the haunting presence of a beautiful maiden, in her red bridal lehenga embroidered in gold, gliding silently through the shadows. Mournful cries, disembodied laughter, and the rustling of silk accompanied her mysterious presence.

Spine-chilling encounters left people trembling with fear. Some felt a cold breath on their necks as they drove down the road, while others sensed an eerie presence in the back seat of their cars.

Frighteningly, cars suffered strange scratches and dents as if invisible hands were at play. Some even claimed to have seen her ghostly figure reaching out from the windshield!

But that was not all; the vicinity itself seemed to come alive with paranormal activity. Visitors felt sudden drops in temperature, witnessed flickering lights without explanation, and felt the eyes of unseen watchers upon them. For those brave enough to face Karsaz, the road was a spine-tingling journey. Windows up, doors locked, hearts pounding, they tried to avoid the wrath of the vengeful bride.

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