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The Jinn at Sea in Port Qasim

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Long ago, in a quaint coastal village, there lived an old fisherman and his young son. The son, eager to find a job and make his own mark in the world, ended up becoming a boat-hand on a fishing trawler that sailed the vast Arabian Sea.

One day, fate brought him an unexpected companion - a mysterious man who took a keen interest in the young man's life. They quickly became friends, and as they toiled away on the trawler, the man would entertain the fisherman's son with fascinating tales of his travels and the strange sights he had witnessed.

Among the stories they shared, the topic of halwa, a delectable sweet treat, came up during one of their conversations. The mysterious man spoke passionately about the various types of halwa he knew, and he especially praised the renowned Madras halwa, claiming its taste was beyond compare. The young man's mouth watered at the mere thought of it, and he expressed his wish to taste the delicacy right then and there.

Surprisingly, the enigmatic friend offered to fulfill his craving and led him to a secluded corner of the boat. Instructing the young man to stand on his feet with closed eyes and not to open them until told to do so, the man promised to bring him the coveted Madras halwa.

The young man complied with the peculiar request, and as soon as he shut his eyes, an extraordinary sensation overwhelmed him. It was as if he had been whisked away from the boat and was soaring through the air. After some time, the man commanded him to open his eyes, and to his astonishment, the young man found himself in Madras, standing right outside a halwa shop.

He couldn't contain his joy as he savored the delectable treat. Once their halwa indulgence was complete, the mysterious man transported him back to the fishing trawler using the same enchanting method.

Upon returning, the young man's curiosity got the better of him, and he pleaded with his friend to reveal the secret behind this incredible ability. However, the man made him swear an oath never to disclose the secret to anyone, under the penalty of forfeiting his own life. Determined to preserve the bond with his extraordinary friend, the young man readily took the solemn oath.

It was then that the mysterious man disclosed his true identity - he was, in fact, a jinn. He revealed how he had once been caught by fishermen while he was swimming as a fish, but the young man's kindness and compassion had saved him from agony and set him free. Grateful for the young man's act of mercy, the jinn vowed to befriend him and continued to meet him in human form on the trawler.

Initially terrified by the revelation, the fisherman's son gradually came to terms with his friend's otherworldly nature. However, upon their return to the village, the jinn reminded him of the oath, and the young man assured him that the secret would remain safe between the two of them.

Despite his promise, the weight of this extraordinary secret became a heavy burden for the young man, and his anxious demeanor did not go unnoticed by his family. Eventually, he could bear it no longer and confessed everything to his wise old father, the experienced fisherman.

Deeply concerned for his son's well-being, the old fisherman forbade him from ever returning to the fishing trawler, fearing the potential consequences of meddling with the realm of the supernatural. Little did they know that this remarkable encounter would be etched into the folklore of their village for generations to come.

As the tragic news of the fisherman's son's untimely demise spread through the village, a somber cloud of sorrow descended upon the tight-knit community. The mysterious power that had shaken their house that fateful night had unleashed a force beyond their comprehension. Whispers of supernatural forces and malevolent spirits echoed through the narrow alleys, filling the villagers with fear and unease.

The grief-stricken family kept the young man's lifeless body within the walls of their home, guarding it with great trepidation. The once vibrant household now shrouded in mourning, all hopes and dreams shattered by the tragic turn of events.

The days passed in a haze of sorrow and suspicion, with every creak of the floorboards and rustle of the wind outside interpreted as signs of the mystical forces that had claimed their beloved son. No one could explain the terrifying events that had unfolded, and the family dared not speak of the jinn and his mysterious transportation.

But as the darkness of night fell upon the village once again, curiosity and fear led the young man's family to search for him. They hoped to find some clue, some solace amidst their grief. Venturing out into the moonlit night, they followed the trail that led to the outdoor latrine.

There, beneath the glimmering stars, they discovered his lifeless form. Lying cold and still, his neck broken, it was evident that he had met a tragic end. Tears flowed freely as they realized they had lost their beloved son forever.

The village mourned the fisherman's son, their hearts heavy with the weight of grief and unanswered questions. The strange secret he had carried to his grave remained an enigma, forever haunting the memories of those who had known him.

Years passed, and the tale of the fisherman's son became a part of the folklore, a cautionary reminder of the unknown perils that lurked beyond the realms of the ordinary. The memory of that eerie night lingered in the village's consciousness, serving as a chilling reminder of the forces that roamed the unseen corners of their world.

Meanwhile, the legends of the jinn and his mysterious method of transportation endured through generations, intertwined with the epic tales of Dastan-e Amir Hamza. The tale of Amar Ayyar's encounter with the mythical wanderer Khizr fascinated the people, revealing a possible connection between the jinn and this enigmatic figure.

Yet, the mysteries remained unsolved, and the boundaries between mortals and the otherworldly blurred in the realm of folklore. The story of the fisherman's son and the strange adventures of Amir Hamza's lieutenant became entwined, leaving a legacy of wonder and bewilderment that would be recounted around campfires for centuries to come.

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