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The Legend of the Dog's Grave

Once upon a time, nestled between the provinces of modern-day Sindh and Balochistan, in Pakistan, there lived a poor but kind man from the Brohi tribe. His humble abode was perched amidst the towering peaks of the magnificent Kirthar mountain range, where the clouds danced and the eagles soared. It was in these mystical mountains that fate brought the man and a sweet little dog together.

One fine day, as the man wandered through the rugged paths of the mountains, he stumbled upon a lost and lonely dog. Something about the furry creature tugged at his heartstrings, and without hesitation, he decided to take the dog under his wing and bring it home to his cosy wooden house. Little did they know that this chance encounter would ignite a bond of friendship that would touch the hearts of all who heard their tale.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, as the man and the dog became inseparable companions. Their love for one another grew stronger with every passing moment. Soon, whispers of their extraordinary friendship spread throughout the valley, captivating the hearts and minds of all who heard the story.

Now, in a bustling town not far from the mountains, a wealthy Hindu merchant resided. Fate interwove their destinies when the merchant found himself in a complicated situation. He happened to be one of the debtors of the poor Brohi man. In a moment of misfortune, the merchant approached him with an unusual request. He asked the man to lend him his cherished dog until the debts were settled.

Surrounded by clouds of uncertainty and weighed down by his own hardships, the poor man reluctantly agreed to part with his beloved companion. Before bidding farewell, he lovingly cradled the dog in his arms, whispering heartfelt words. He urged the loyal creature to remain faithful to his new master and promised to reunite with him once his debts were repaid. The dog, with eyes filled with understanding, seemed to grasp every word spoken by his beloved master.

Leaving the town behind, the Brohi man toiled tirelessly as a labourer, determined to fulfil his obligations and bring his faithful friend back home. Meanwhile, the dog found himself in a new environment, adorned with a collar around his neck, an unfamiliar accessory. Nevertheless, the dog remained obedient, staying by the side of the Hindu merchant as he had promised his old master.

Time passed, as time often does, and yet the Brohi man struggled to gather the necessary means to repay his debts. But fate had another twist in store for them. One moonlit night, under the blanket of darkness, a group of miscreants sneaked into the merchant's house, attempting to rob him of his precious possessions. The loyal dog, though restrained by a leash and confined to a charpoy, witnessed the thieves in action. Oh, how he longed to pursue them and protect his master's treasures once his leash was unleashed.

As luck would have it, the merchant set the dog free to chase after the thieves. With determination blazing in his eyes, the dog sprinted behind the culprits, his keen sense of smell guiding his path. Through valleys and over hills, he pursued them relentlessly, until at last, he succeeded in helping the merchant recover his stolen valuables. Overwhelmed with gratitude, the merchant made a heartfelt decision.

He removed the leash from the dog's neck and set him free, understanding the depth of their connection. "Go," he whispered, "return to your true master." With newfound freedom coursing through his veins, the dog sprinted back toward the village, overcoming every obstacle in the hilly terrain.

On that very same day, the Brohi man, having gathered the required sum, embarked on a journey to the city, eager to reclaim his loyal companion. But fate, with its mysterious ways, had other plans. On their respective paths, the man and the dog crossed each other midway. Emotions swirled around them, though quite different in nature. The dog was overjoyed, believing his master would shower him with praise for his bravery. The man, however, was crestfallen and filled with sorrow. He believed his loyal friend had betrayed him and brought shame upon him. It was a moment of contrasting emotions, the happiest for the dog and the saddest for his master.

But alas, driven by anger and shame, the man unleashed his fury upon his faithful companion. He hurled harsh words and commanded the dog to go away. With a heavy heart, the dog tried to follow his master, longing for acceptance. Yet, the man refused to listen, rejecting the one who had been by his side through thick and thin. Oh, the weight of shame proved too great, and with a heavy heart, the dog fell from a nearby hill, never to rise again.

Heartbroken and consumed by remorse, the Brohi man discovered the truth too late. He realized the depth of his mistake, the immensity of the love he had cast aside. Grief overwhelmed him, for his beloved dog was gone forever. But the man, refusing to accept their separation as destiny, made a poignant decision. He decided to climb the tallest peak of the Kirthar range, a mountain that would serve as a tribute to his loyal friend.

And so, dear children, even today, that mountain is known as "Jabal Kuttey ji Kabar" - the Mountain of the Dog's Grave. Though their true names remain a mystery, the Brohi tribe cherishes the memory of their tribesman's act of love and loyalty. Legend has it that when the full moon graces the horizon of the Kirthar Valley, a shadow of the dog and his master can still be seen atop that mighty peak.

Let this tale remind us of the profound bond that exists between humans and animals. May we treasure the love and loyalty that our furry friends bring into our lives, for their spirits forever dwell in the legends and stories we hold dear?

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