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The Lone Aalim

In the small village of Jalozai, in district Pabbi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, there lived a man. He was called Imam Sahab by the villagers.

In that tiny village of barely two hundred people, tucked away into silence, people enjoyed peace. Nothing bothered them yet it was easy to amaze them. The villagers believed that their Imam, the only Aalim in the village, had miraculous powers.

Every villager one spoke to would say about Imam that, “When he recites the Quran, we hear a group reciting with him.” They believed that the group in question was a group of around forty Jinns, all of whom used to recite the Quran with their Imam.

In the evening, the entire village used to be out in the streets. People would be closing down their shops, children would be playing in the fields, others would be on their way to watch the sun setting down beautifully over the fields, or to join their buddies for a cup of tea followed by a game of cards. One such evening, the Imam was at the mosque, as usual, to recite the Quran with his sons leaving behind his aged mother, his wife, and his daughters.

Soon after, the whole village witnessed fourteen men, armed to the teeth, leaving the Imam’s house, injured, bleeding and nearly passed out. All the people heard was the men scream, “They are not human, these people aren’t human.”

Whilst the elders guarded the injured men, the children ran along to the mosque to inform Imam Sahib that burglars had tried to raid his house.

What the children heard left them stunned. It was the first time that the Imam had been reciting the Quran and only one voice could be heard.

The villagers then believed that the Jinns who used to recite the Quran with the Imam, had protected his house and his family and continued to do so, so that Imam Sahib wouldn’t have to stop his recitation.

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