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Those Who Walked into Water

They say they walked into the water.

They say they walked into the water and the water spirits took them back home.

Or maybe they flew like fish over the water and returned to their home across the waves.

A long time ago, back in Africa, they said the people could fly or swim like fish in the

water or the sky.

One day, the people were taken across the ocean and their power was stolen. The

people cried that they couldn’t fly or swim like fish in the water or the sky.

They say the people were taken to a land where their power was bound away. The

people cried out to the water and the sky to let them fly home again. Their tears flowed into the water and the wind in the sky.

Then the shaman came. He told the people how they could regain their power and return home. Go into the ocean singing and our power will return and we will fly back to the land of our ancestors, he said.

They say the people waded into the water singing and the water was troubled and they

flew over the water like leaping fish to freedom!


This is an African-American folktale from North America, and has been contributed by the Fairy Encyclopedia.

It is a part of our series, Folklore Worldwide. We are currently open to submissions from around the world, and you are welcome to send us your stories!

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