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Beebarg and Granaz

Once upon a time, there lived a young man, Beebarg, the nephew of the great Mir Chakar Khan Rind Baloch. Beebarg was not only known for his captivating poetry but also for his deep wisdom and knowledge.

However, there was one thing that troubled Beebarg deeply: inter-tribal feuds between various Baloch tribes. He despised the ongoing conflict between the Rinds and Lasharis, a war that had raged on for thirty long years. Beebarg foresaw the devastating consequences this feud would bring to his people in the future.

One day, Beebarg couldn't bear the weight of this conflict any longer. He approached his uncle, with a plea for peace. He implored Mir Chakar Khan to end this senseless war that pitted brothers against brothers.

"My uncle dearest," Beebarg said earnestly, "Why do you remain oblivious to the pain of putting a sword through the hearts of your kin? O Sardar, let go of this grudge, and think about the future."

Mir Chakar Khan, however, dismissed Beebarg's plea, calling him a coward who feared death and wished to surrender. But Beebarg's courage was unwavering. He was determined to bring peace to his land and end the bloodshed that had plagued his people for so long.

However, understanding the wisdom of his nephew, Mir Chakar sent Beebarg on a mission to meet the chieftain of Kandahar. Little did Beebarg know the journey had something extraordinary in store for him.

Beebarg's eyes met those of the captivating Granaz, the beautiful daughter of the Chief of Kandahar.

One day wandering by a wayside A moon-faced maiden, I did espy Looking out her palace window My carefree heart let out a sigh

Beebarg writes of his first encounter with Granaz.

She addressed me in Persian and said: Listen O, Baloch wandering afield Come over, if you’re brave enough Come with your sword, musket and shield

Their hearts intertwined at first sight. It was love like no other, and Granaz felt the same way. However, they both knew that Granaz's family would never accept Beebarg as a suitable match.

In the stillness of the night, as the moon watched over them, Beebarg and Granaz decided to embark on a daring journey. They understood that they had to fight for their love - it would certainly be a lost cause if left at the mercy of tradition and customs. In the midnight hours, they eloped from Granaz's home, their hearts filled with hope and longing.

With each step they took towards an uncertain future, Granaz asked Beebarg, "Beebarg, tell me, who are your friends, and who are your foes back in your homeland?"

Beebarg replied with unwavering determination, "My uncle, Chakar is our ally, and Mir Gwahram is our adversary."

Granaz contemplated for a moment and responded, "Then let us go to Gwahram, for Chakar will surely come to us there."

Their journey led them to Mir Gwahram's doorstep, seeking refuge. You see, Baloch customs dictate that sanctuary must be offered to anyone in need, even if it is the enemy.

Upon extending hospitality to Beebarg and Granaz, Mir Gwahram understood the gravity of the situation. He simply couldn't stand by and watch from the sidelines, as the King of Kandahar waged war against a Baloch tribe, and threatened a couple under his protection.

With noble intentions, Mir Gwahram wrote to Mir Chakar, emphasizing the urgency of the matter. His words were a plea for unity, a call to set aside their past grievances and confront the looming threat together.

Upon receiving word of Beebarg's situation, Mir Chakar Khan Rind grasped the gravity of the circumstances. Recognizing Beebarg's dire need for assistance, Mir Chakar Khan swiftly gathered his tribesmen, rallying them for war, adhering to the traditional Baloch custom of standing together in times of crisis.

Beebarg, with his wisdom and foresight, recognized the perilous path that lay ahead. He knew that the King of Kandahar's intentions could ignite a devastating conflict, one that would forever stain the pages of history with bloodshed.

But Beebarg was a man of peace, and he wished to avoid conflict at all costs. He took matters into his own hands. Leaving Granaz behind, he travelled to the court of the King of Kandahar once more. With unwavering courage, Beebarg confessed, "I am Beebarg, and I desire no war to be waged on my behalf. You may impose any punishment you see fit, and I shall accept it willingly."

Upon witnessing Beebarg's bravery and selflessness, the King of Kandahar was deeply moved. He ordered his army to stand down, halting the impending war. The king was so impressed by Beebarg's character that he decided to honour him with the hand of his daughter. Approaching Beebarg, he declared, "I cannot imagine a better match for my daughter than a man of your calibre."

And so, Beebarg and Granaz were married, their love story forever etched in the annals of Balochi legends as one of enduring love and courage.


Source: Balochi Dar, the Daily Times.

The poetry is a translation from Balochi into English by Fazal Baloch.

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