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Once a trader played cards with an experienced gambler. They bet a lot of money on the result of their game. Although the trader was a good player, he was out of luck and lost the game. So he had to pay the gambler the money.

But he couldn’t afford that much. "I'll forget your debt, if you can fulfill one of my three conditions." The gambler said.

"Make me a suit out of stone, drink off all water in a sea or let me cut off two pounds of your leg's flesh. Otherwise you'll have to spend your lifetime behind the bars." He added.

The conditions seemed impossible. The trader visited a blind man who was well- known for his great wisdom and asked him for help. Next day, the trader and gam- bler attended the court.

The trader was supposed to either pay the money or fulfill one of the conditions. "I can't afford the money. But I'm ready to satisfy the conditions." The trader told the judge.

"If you want a suit made of stone, then, give me some cloth and thread made of stone first." The trader told the gambler. The gambler knew it was impossible. So he gave up the first condition.

"And if you want me to drink off that much water, first you have to block the rivers that reach that sea." He continued. No one could do this. So the gambler forgot the second condition too.

"Finally, you can cut off two pounds of my flesh, but exactly, neither less nor more." The trader added. They were all impossible. The gambler gave up his claim and left the court.


An fable from the Sindbadnameh

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