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Margalla Hills: Secrets behind the Name

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Pakistan’s capital lies nestled among picturesque hills that encircle the city of Islamabad. These hills, now known as the Margalla hills, held a secret that whispered of a Dragon King who once ruled over these very lands.

In the realm of myths and legends, these dragons were not quite like the ferocious fire-breathing creatures we often imagine. They were known as Nagas, winged serpents with majestic scales that glistened in the sunlight. Though their appearance was different, the Chinese mythologies regarded them as great Dragon Kings, among the most revered of their kind.

Many moons ago, in the place now known as Taxila, there lived a wise and powerful Naga named Taksha. He was the guardian of these lands, and his name was so esteemed that the people called the region Takshasila, which meant "Taksha's Stone." Taksha was no ordinary serpent; he possessed wisdom beyond measure and could fly through the skies with grace.

Legends passed down through generations spoke of Taksha's noble reign, his guidance, and the prosperity he brought to the land. But as time went on, a tragic event occurred that forever changed the course of history. Taksha, the beloved Naga King, was met with a cruel fate and perished, leaving behind a void in the hearts of the people.

With his passing, the memories of the nagas began to fade from the minds of the inhabitants. The tale of Taksha and his kind slipped into the realm of forgotten tales, lost in the ebb and flow of time. However, echoes of their existence remained, waiting to be discovered by those with an adventurous spirit.

Centuries later, a brilliant scholar named Al-Biruni journeyed to the mountains of Taxila. As he explored the ancient remnants of this once-thriving civilization, he noticed a peculiar change in the local names. The mountains, which were once known as the abode of the serpents, had been transformed into "Mar-e-Qilla," meaning "The Serpent's Fort" in Persian.

Al-Biruni's keen intellect sensed a connection, a hidden thread linking the past to the present. He recognized the ancient stories and their significance, and he knew that the mountains now known as the Margalla Hills held a forgotten legacy of dragons and serpents.

Over time, the name Mar-e-Qilla transformed into the Margalla hills, blending with the whispers of history and adding a touch of mystery to the enchanting landscape. And so, the legend of the Dragon King Taksha, the wise Naga who once soared through the skies, became etched in the very essence of these majestic hills.


Source: Huzaifa Nizam

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