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The Bracelet Maker of Jhang

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Once upon a time, there lived a humble man who possessed a remarkable skill. He was known far and wide as the Maker of Bracelets, for he could create the most exquisite and intricate pieces of jewellery. Though his craft brought him joy, there was a sorrow that weighed heavily upon his heart - he had no children to call his own.

Every Thursday, the devout man would make his way to the sacred shrine of Heer and Ranjha, his soul overflowing with longing. With tears streaming down his face, he would beseech God, "Oh, Almighty! Bless me with a son, a precious gift from these holy grounds!" Week after week, his heartfelt prayers echoed through the air, seeking solace and hope.

And lo, on that fateful day, the invisible angel that resides within us all whispered joyful tidings to the Maker of Bracelets. The news he received was as radiant as the sun - he was to be blessed with not just one, but two sons!

“The younger shall be called Ali Muhammad, and the elder shall be known as Ranjha. These blessed souls would bring pureness, and holiness, and fill his eyes with light.” the angel told him.

And so, by the grace and mercy of Almighty God, the Maker of Bracelets became a father to two extraordinary boys. They entered the world, adorned with a divine purity that surpassed all understanding. They were cleansed seven times with Zam Zam water, a symbol of their innate goodness and connection to the divine. But alas, fate had a bittersweet twist in store, for the elder brother, Ranjha, had departed this earthly realm, leaving behind his younger sibling, Ali Muhammad, to carry on their shared legacy.

Ali Muhammad, was a paragon of purity and holiness. The people revered him, recognizing the divine light that shone within him. Though he had aged gracefully and reached the remarkable age of ninety, his face still glowed with a radiance that mirrored the brilliance of gold. It was a testament to the grace of God, a reflection of the purity that resided in his heart.

And the sacred shrine, where the Maker of Bracelets poured out his soul in prayer, it was none other than the legendary Shrine of Heer Ranjha. This hallowed place held the memories of love, devotion, and sacrifice. It stood as a reminder of the eternal bond between Heer and Ranjha, a tale of love that transcended time and touched the very core of human existence. May this tale forever remind you that even in our moments of deepest longing, faith, and devotion, miracles can occur. And through the grace of God, the love that binds us can transcend generations, leaving an everlasting imprint on the world.


Source: Tales of the Punjab, by Flora Annie Steel

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