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The Two Sparrows

Updated: Feb 20

Two little birds, Chirya and Chirra lived happily together in their little house. One day, Chirya went to the kitchen to find something to cook for dinner.

She opened the cupboards and emptied the utensils and called out to her husband, “Chirray, Chirray, listen, I really feel like eating khichri today, we have lentils, but not a single grain of rice.”

Chirra comes running, he says “Chirya, Chirya, don’t worry my dear. There is a warehouse nearby, I shall go, and bring you some rice. Make the preparations, we will have khichri tonight.”

Chirya gets busy in the kitchen, whilst Chirra flies to the warehouse. He finds lots of bags of rice. Luckily, one of them has a small cut on it, and the grains of rice are falling out of it.

Chirra flies to the bag, takes a grain of rice in his mouth, and flies back and gives it to Chirya. He flies back, takes a grain of rice in his beak, and drops it off back home.

He flies back and forth again, and again, and again.

P.S: the chirra keeps flying back and forth until the child you are telling the story to falls asleep, or gets sick of it and asks you “When will they cook the khichri?” :’)


A Chirya is a female sparrow, and a chirra is a male sparrow.

Khichri is a watery mish-mash of lentils and rice)

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